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Gourmet Pleasure

An inspired cuisine that seeks new flavours in tradition.

Gourmet cuisine, selected ingredients from local producers, preferring seasonal food products, organic and pleasant menus.
A holiday with refined and exquisite flavours, even for those who have special needs: vegetarian or vegan preferences, intolerances or special requests inspire our offer, from breakfast to dinner.

Breakfast at Hotel Baia del Mar Jesolo

Seta Restaurant

Table reservation

+39 0421 1886188

Opening of the kitchen

9.15 – 20.30

Special price

Reduced price for our hotel guests

Seta Breakfast

Overlooking the beach to enjoy the day that begins: we take your breakfast very seriously.

The taste of freshly baked bread, made with traditional or multigrain flours from local producers, competes with that of croissants and jams. All of them are homemade.

The Vital Corner, with yogurt, cereal, tea, herbal teas, fresh fruit, fruits and vegetables juices for a vitamin boost. Hot drinks and the aroma of our coffee awaken your senses.

Outdoor breakfast Hotel Baia del Mar Jesolo
Drinks and snacks at the Baia del Mar Jesolo hotel

Seta Lunch and snacks

Wether you spend the day at the beach, or doing sports or other activities, you can’t miss your appointment by the pool. Join us at lunch or for snacks to experience a short moment of tasty pleasure.

Our chefs created a menu with first courses and baked food, which give a great Mediterranean flavour to your breaks.

Seta Dinner

The scents of the evenings at the sea inspire our cuisine.

Creative combinations, pleasure in every course and a variety of different menus every day.

The Pleasure Menus focus on gourmet dishes of a regional and Mediterranean flavour.

The Wellness Menus count on seasonal and local products, to create courses with a strong, innovative touch.

Gourmet dinner at the Baia del Mar Jesolo hotel

Our gourmet menu

Gourmet ravioli Baia del Mar Jesolo

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